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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall - Who is the Most Stressed Out of All?

There is an old saying that points out "We dislike most in others, what we dislike most in ourselves." With that in mind, to remove excess negativity, resentment, judgment, or tension in a relationship, and, yes, WORK STRESS, try using the Mirror Exercise.

Leadership Goals For The Self

Why You Are Not Reaching Your Goals. You have never really reflected on the different areas of your life. You are not living accordingly to your core values. You are not holding yourself accountable to your goals.

Talk To Yourself To Create The Hypnosis Motivate To Success Formula

Did you ever try to do away with a harmful behavior, only to fail? There is an extensive list of ordinary problem behaviors that people often try to alter or eliminate using self-hypnosis or NLP. The most common are: Overeating and weight loss; stop smoking; quit chewing tobacco; stop nail biting; i

Psychology of Success, One View

Years ago when I had become the top producing salesperson for the company I was working for at the time, the other salespeople would always ask me "my secret" for selling more than anyone else. I would tell them, half joking, half serious and very few if any followed my advice. The ones th

Blissfully Ignorant With The Law of Attraction

By being blissfully ignorant about certain things in this world, you can greatly increase your success rate with the Law of Attraction and making it work for you.Illnesses can come and go in seconds instead of months. Depending on what you believe to be true, that is what you'll experience.

Laughter is Often the Best Medicine

I love humor. Laughing out loud feels good. I had heard that all my life; but the other day when I was watching a show on TV, I got it.

Something Good Is Going To Happen To You Today

Something good is going to happen to you today was Oral Roberts theme song many years ago. It became so popular that it is still around today but why was those words so popular, was it because it sounds good? No, it was not just because it sound good but it was because it lined up with the word of G

Personal Success Strategy - Take A Millionaire To Lunch

Take a millionaire to lunch and you may find a new mentor. Spending the money to be mentored by an expert is a key strategy to personal success. In this past year, every new idea I have learned has come from the time and money I spent to be with successful mentors.

Can There Be Peace Without Faith?

A peaceful existence is what most of us desire yet can this come without faith? To understand this statement in more detail we must revisit those elements that remove peace from our society. The list is endless but stems from disagreements, injustice, greed, ignorance, discrimination and many more.

How to Make Your Own Luck

A lot of people swear that they have bad luck, and can prove it. They will regale me with stories of misfortune and pain ad infinitum. There are also those who don't believe in luck of any kind. And there are those who believe they are "lucky", most likely in the good luck category. W

Cut Down Depression From Life And Feel Good

When ever a person feels that he cannot achieve what he wants to or feels that he is stuck in life and cannot move out of a bad situation, then he really needs to consult a life coach for his assistan

Breaking Up With Wine

There are more women having to break up with wine than any other type of alcohol. Wine is seductive, romantic - a lady's drink. Wine is good for nearly every occasion. It is also addictive.

Boost Your Confidence With Hypnosis Confidence Mp3s

You can boost your confidence easily and quickly at home simply by listening to hypnosis confidence mp3s; you just have to overcome your skepticism and give them a go. Boost your confidence the easy and ...

Personal Goal Example - Set an Example For Yourself

Whenever you face any difficulty in your life, you often get confused. You do not see any way out from it. However, you can always fight against all the bad things, which could happen, in your life. For this purpose, you always have to choose one goal...

Spiritual Discernment

Spiritual discernment appears difficult for many.They can't seem to grasp the unseen elements.Even Jesus' disciples seemed to have trouble with this.

Break the Rules to Make the Most Out of Your Opportunities

Following the same path as everyone else leads to developing "me-too" products and services that fail to prosper. Breaking the rules can be a useful way to seize opportunities that others are ignoring. In doing so, be sure to learn from the experiences of others, especially where it contra

Have You Had Ra-Ra Motivation?

I am sure you have experienced it, for I certainly have. You are a leader of a successful organisation and you have booked a motivational speaker to address your staff. Or, you are a member of staff and you have heard your manager, or your boss, say: 'You really must hear this guy - he's g

Time For Professional Growth And Development

Professional growth and development is one of many great things about life and a choice that is sometimes challenging to make. For whatever reasons, we may ignore it, postpone it or proactively pursuing it. Whatever it is, if we want any progress, we need to create a so called personal professional

Being Vulnerable is Your Inner Strength Not Your Weakness

So many times we have been taught by many schools of thought that being vulnerable is being weak and powerless.Vulnerable by Webster's definition is susceptible, defenseless, helpless, at risk, and in a weak position.A perfect Duality or Third Dimension definition to keep you positioned in a we

Enjoy Fast Relief With These 2 Proven Stress Relieving Techniques

I want to share two superb, effective stress management tips [] with you that I picked up from a couple of my friends. These two people simply don't get stressed, anxious or depressed ever! Even

Increase Your Speed Reading and Comprehension - 3 Great Tips

Did you know that when you are learning speed reading you are not just learning how to read better but also how to increase speed reading comprehension? I started using some speed reading techniques to try to increase my speed of reading only. I was very unaware of the large improvement that I would

Just How Much is a Dream Worth?

Most of us don't think too much about out dreams. Our preoccupation with life itself does not give us much time to 'dream'. Yet most business courses spend quite a bit of time helping us to realize that our dreams can be worth millions of dollars.