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Life - A Short Journey With a Definite End

To live does not mean to breathe, it means to feel to achieve, to learn and much more. Even animals live; they breathe but are they humans? No and they can never be...

What' s With Mantras?

Many people think that mantras are something very mystical or other-worldly; something that only spiritually-inclined people care about, and can benefit from. This is actually not true.Mantras are accessible, practical techniques that anyone can use to help reduce stress. You don't need to be s

BE Courageous and Full of Trust

A dear friend of mine is adopting her first baby. Like right now, today. She is at the hospital with the little girl right now. I keep getting photos on text or email, and I cry every time. Without going into the details, suffice it to say that it is taking a lot of COURAGE... this choice in her lif

Leaders Ask Questions That Generate Great Answers

Effective leaders understand that asking questions will generate answers. How those answers are handled will have a direct impact on how people will perceive future questions. When people feel their answers are unappreciated, they put less effort in answering the questions. However if two steps are


Accountability means that we take personal responsibility for some intended outcomethat we do everything we can to ensure that our sales are up, our bottom line is profitable, our employees are happy, our values are expressed by the way we do business, and that our customers are well-servedeven if w

Finding My Self-Worth

Sometimes it is difficult to feel like you are valuable. Sometimes things just wear you down. But self-worth is critical to every other important aspect of your life. How do you find it, and increase it?

Reacting to Reactions

Are your reactions involuntary?Are you the victim of your own reactions?Or can you be free from those reactions that bring you problems and pain?

Testing - Testing

Sometimes we need to grade our performances as people.This report card helps us see where we might need to improve.

Ten Strategic Actions To Improve Sales Staff Productivity

How effective is your sales staff?Are they a high performance team, a mediocre performance team or a woefully "underachieving" and blatantly poor performance team?If you have mediocre, underachieving or poor sales people, what are you doing to change that?If your sales staff is not effecti

Five Quick Personal Enhancement Ways

These basic self development recommendations are a fantastic way to begin your personal enhancement and also to drive yourself to new height of success and fulfillment.

Just Give Me the Money Already

Okay so you've bought into the abundance philosophy. Made a list and are quite happily imagining yourself in a mansion filled with expensive things, going on the most expensive holidays, driving the most luxurious cars and eating in the best restaurants.

Finding Happiness Through the Happiness of Others

Have you ever stopped to think about the lives of people who seem to be truly happy? Many believe that happy people have it all. They think that it must be true that the happiest people have all of the money they need and they can buy anything they ever could want.

How To Protect Yourself From Everything

Fear. Yes that simple emotion is responsible for a lot of your problems. If you absolutely have no fear then nothing can happen to you.

Building your decision making skills

The process of making decisions is a skill that can be developed and learned like any other skill. By practicing the critical thinking that is necessary to make complex decisions, you will become better at ...

How Clutter Clogs

Wonder why things don't always go your way? Are you the person that always puts off clearing the clutter in your space? Maybe the two are related. Find out how your clutter could be clogging the good due you.

Take the Next Step

At its core life is a two part activity: the first part is to move; the second part is to imagine. "Take the Next Step" implores the sojourner to continue to advance. Life is a series of steps - we need only take the next small step to succeed.