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Essential Trajectories

While it is essential to have trajectories so that you can reach goals like education, profession, family, and happiness, it is also important to allow these to be modified over time. A straight and narrow path is not only difficult to follow but sometimes quite uninspiring. A complete lack of traje

Go Nonverbal

Your mind loves to tell stories, to think, to process, to problem-solve.Those things aren't necessarily bad - it's what the mind is meant to do, after all.But how, then, can you quiet your mind and just BE in each moment as it arises?

Mirror the Actions of People Who Have What You Want

When I was 20 years old I was introduced to a business opportunity which had a very solid process which, if followed, would have produced significant results. At least that's what I was told. I was a tad bit different back in those days.

One Simple Step For Handling Your Stress

In our high pressure world, stress appears to be a normal phenomenon. This article addresses a simple technique that has shown to reduce stress and is good for our hearts.

Key Components Of Effective Leadership REASONING

How often have you either heard or read something about the need for effective leaders to possess the ability and willingness to emphasize reasoning in a better, more impactful manner? However, isn't it rare that we proceed solely from a generalized referenced to this concept, and actually focu

Effective Self-Help for Depression

Complete healing from depression is easier than many people imagine. It is widely believed that depression treatment without drugs is not possible, because it is assumed that this problem is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. However, in my work with my clients I have observed that it is e

Escape the Trap of Having Only Two Alternatives

One of the traditional false arguments is called the "Either Or" fallacy, or the "False Dichotomy." People often resort to this kind of thinking, that it's either your way or my way, instead of taking the time to explore creative options. See how ubiquitous this false way of

Clearing Your Energy Field

Some highly-sensitive people silently show empathy and compassion by soaking up other peoples' negative energy. We naturally want to restore balance and heal people wherever we go, but the trouble is we don't realize that taking negative energy from other folks will eventually make us unhe

A Simple Sympathy Gift Can Ease Their Pain

Sympathy baskets, food and flowers are the things most people automatically think of when attempting to comfort someone who is grieving. While these gestures can be perfectly adequate, they may also fall far short of the mark, especially when so many other people have the same thought. Rather than j

Gratitude in Adversity

We all face challenges of faith in the trials of our lives. During the hardest of times, gratitude may be the surprising path to personal victory.

Peoples and Persons

God's ways are inscrutable indeed, as Jonah discovered. But finally, God's way is the only way.

Success Is A Mental Condition

Our mental state determines our personal outcomes in every area of our lives. Success can only be achieved when we master the gift of the mind.

How Hypnotherapy Can Help You Overcome Fear of Driving

Fear of driving or driving phobia - whether on motorway, freeway or any other road - is a real handicap, seriously restricting the individual's freedom of movement and affecting both their work and social life. In this article, a leading British hypno-psychotherapist explains how this fear can

Highly-Educated, Highly-Intelligent People Can Do Incredibly Stupid Things

Stress can make even intelligent people screw up, look slightly crazy, and even undermine their health and well-being. It's true: even highly-educated, highly-intelligent people can do incredibly stupid things under stress. Take the woman, who upon finding that her house was on fire, grabbed wh

Addiction Through the Eyes of the Beholder - Based on a True Story!

Sitting quietly in an old rocking chair located in a lower east side tenement, sits Shelly, a 50 year old drug addict, with no will to survive. Since age 15, she has struggled to speak and breathe normally after an automobile accident claimed the life of her sister and best friend.

Play And Profundity: Release Your Inner Creativity

Creativity. What exactly is it? Where does it come from? Is it diving inspiration? Or does a synapse go off in some part of our left brain hemisphere that essentially says, 'aha!' Humans, as a species

Work At Home Companies- Make Home and Carrier Together

Finding a job which gives you money and comfort both at same time is tough. This Work At Home gives you a chance to work and earn money from your home. These are like a virtual working on internet for

How to Have a Rich Life

There is a definition of rich which should be considered and which is one of the most important of all to take into consideration.Have you ever heard people say; "He lives a rich life"?It is often said about people we consider lucky.