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The Key To Real Happiness In Life And Business

According to modern society standard of success, happiness involves money, fame, society status, job success and etc. On the other hand, there are many people who still feel unhappy although they have

Your Self Image and the Fast Track to Success

Your self image holds the key to your fast track to success. Get this right and the likelihood of you achieving your goals increases exponentially. Here we consider the extraordinary world of the conscious and subconscious mind and the role they have to play in you turning even your wildest dreams i

E-Bulletin Reflection - The Grateful Samaritan

These words are part of the refrain to a song I learned in Sunday School and which we sang whenever the story of the Ten Lepers was told.Indeed, remembering to give thanks and praise to God is at the heart of this story.But let's probe this story a little more.

Leave Your Past Behind

Many of us carry baggage from previous experiences and relationships. We can't do anything about yesterday, we can't change what's already been done. But, we can learn from our past experiences, and use them to better ourselves.

Leadership and Organisational Success - Measuring What Matters

It might not be the most exciting thing that you do as a leader but achieving success relies on you having an effective system of measuring progress. Think about it, if you are measuring something it is on your radar and if it is on your radar you are more likely to be alert to opportunities to move

Creating Financial Goals

Get started with creating your financial goals in order to welcome prosperity into your life

Zoom In Or Zoom Out - Which Is the Best Approach?

Pretend you are looking through the lens of a camera and you zoom in as close as you can and imagine the following. As you look closer at your current challenges or problems you feel more and more out of control. No options and lot's of questions. Why is this happening? Why am I going through t

Six Reasons We Fail to Succeed

As a coach, I have had the extreme privilege of watching my clients cross the finish line in a burst of glory. This is a great feeling. On the flip side, I have also sat in the dug-out and watched clients miss the goal by a mile. What is the difference? Why do some people succeed at goals where othe

How to Increase Your IQ - Part IV

In our life we meet very often difficult situations in which we have to take a correct decision, sometimes a life saving one too! In those situations correct thinking to arrive at the correct decision is very much important. For this we have to understand the selective combination problem. In this a

Setting SMART Goals For The New Year

Setting yearly goals is a great way to get a running start into the next year. Goal setting is something usually not taught in traditional schools. This article outlines how to set S.M.A.R.T. goals and stick to them.

Success Through Life Coaching

A life coach can help individuals find their passion, help them set direction and present tools to achieve their goals for which they are passionate about. A life coach helps you run your life rather than life running you. A life coach can also help generate self awareness and confidence amongst ind

A Review of the Movie The Awakening Featuring Luminary, Patrick Combs

Personal development education is essentially what this 47 minute DVD challenges one to incorporate into our daily lives. The surprising revelation from this DVD is that Patrick Combs [the luminary, mentor, and best selling personal development education author] reveals that he himself is essentiall

Tips for those who suffer from an inferiority complex

Suffer from an inferiority complex? Feel that some people are worth more than you?Feel small next to some people? If so maybe you'll be happy to know that no one has the power except the powe

Have You Got The Skills To Succeed As Business Owner?

If you have read Robert Kiyosaki's book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, and you are curious as to whether you have what it takes to move from being an employee to becoming a successful business owner, this article will help. It looks at the skills or competencies you would typically need to be successful i

Coaching Perspective Of Beliefs

I grew up around professional philosophers, grew to become a Buddhist at 21; I thought I understood all I needed to regarding beliefs