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ADHD Inattentive: Silent ADHD Subtype - What You Should Know

ADHD Inattentive is a little understood subtype of ADHD. This article explains some of the principal differences from the more commonly known manifestations of ADHD, the dangers of it's not being recognized and some useful approaches to support and treatment.

5 Keys to Success for Personal Achievement

Can you identify a few KEY fears and emotions that block you from your potential? Learning how to identify and take action daily will lead you closer to your goals.

How to Use Intention Visualization and Emotion to Create Change

Changing direction can be as easy as turning the corner at an intersection, going up or down stairs or even just facing the opposite direction with your body. But making a change in the events that impact your daily life is not as clear-cut as driving a car and turning the steering wheel.

Addiction Treatment and Misleading Drug Information

Most people do not have a clue how addiction starts much less which type of addiction treatment works better than others. With most parents addiction is so far out of the realm of possibilities (or ...

Develop a Passion For Being Healthy

You need to develop a passion for being healthy.Napoleon Hill, in his classic book, Think and Grow Rich , ch. 2 called DESIRE "The Starting Point Of All Achievement, The First Step toward Riches."It is not good enough to have a 'wish." What is needed is a "definite burning d

Allopathic Medications Used in Drug Addiction

Allopathic medications are those used by medical doctors to treat the symptoms of diseases and conditions. There is ongoing search for drugs that can alleviate the discomfort of withdrawal from addictive substances, treat chronic pain without increasing tolerance, and substitute for narcotics when d

EFT: Tap Your Way to More Productivity

The way you do one thing is the way you do everything. So if you are someone who knows what you're supposed to do, but you still don't do it, you probably have blocks that are preventing you from building your business into a money making machine. If you don't get rid of those blocks

Bipolar Disorder - Coming To Terms With The Constant Changes

Being bipolar is like being in a constant state of uncertainty. It's difficult to plan your life, much less your day when you never know how you'll feel. One day you could be on top of the world, without a fear or a care, the next you could be curled up in your bed, tears filling your eyes

DSM IV Criteria for Bipolar Disorder

People often assume they have bipolar disorder if they feel good on some days and bad on others, but that's usually not the case. In order to be diagnosed with bipolar disorder, you must meet certain criteria as outlined in the DSM IV.

Formula For Fitness Success

So spring is here, the most popular time that many of us start to think about getting into shape. However, creating a healthy lifestyle is more than just exercise. The truth is, our minds, souls, and behavior patterns too must be included into the process.

How to Release Negative Thoughts

Even if you're a healthy, sane person, you can have negative thoughts often. Negative thoughts can be hard to get rid of and can ruin your day, week or entire life if you let them. Thoughts of stress, work, guilt, money problems or relationship issues burden your mind and take a toll on your happine

Smoking Prevention Activities

Smoking is the leading cause of death in the U.S.smoking image by Dozet from Fotolia.comTobacco use is the leading killer in the U.S., and it is one of the most preventable activities. It causes cancers and other respiratory diseases, and about 3,000 people die each year of cancer in the...

How to Help Someone With Crack Addiction

Crack cocaine is a powerful stimulant drug that poses one of the greatest drug threats to the United States. A person addicted to crack is unable to control how much he uses, even though it has obvious negative consequences on his life. Crack addiction is, first and foremost, a disease and requires

Unlocking the Mysteries of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

If you've been pushed around the medical system looking for answers to CFS/ME you'll be one of several things: exhausted, confused and/or frustrated. And that's because depending on who you ask, you'll get different answers as to how to recover from this sometimes debilitating co

DSM-5: Finding a Middle Ground

Dr. Nassir Ghaemi offers his stance on revising psychiatry's go-to diagnostic resource. Are 3 sets of diagnostic criteria the answer?