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Pros And Cons Of The BumbleRide Queen B Stroller

Of all of the multitude of items you need to purchase for your newborn child, the stroller is one of the most important. Not only is it one of the most expensive items, but it's also one that you will be using day in day out. It is therefore imperative that you do as much research as you can be

Unique Twin Baby Shower Games

The birth of twins is an exciting time in a couple's life and is often celebrated with a baby shower. Baby showers are given by friends and family and are filled with food, fun, gifts and games. Several baby shower games are tailored for showers where the mother is expecting twins and each focuses o

Chocolate Crunch Peanut Butter Bars

Recipe for Chocolate Crunch Peanut Butter Bars , part of a collection of family cake mix recipes. Made with yellow cake mix, peanut butter, chocolate chips and cornflakes, these bars are easy and delicious.

How to Help Children Develop Positive Attitudes About Food

One of the most important things you can teach a child is to have a healthy and positive relationship with and about food. Allowing children to make choices and feel as though they are in control of their little world will lead to healthy feelings about food.

Shake It Up: A Family Handshake Game from GrandCamp Adventures

This ingeniously designed handshake game actually has several functions. It can be played as a game, put together as a puzzle or used to develop a secret family handshake. It ties in with other products from GrandCamp Adventures to create a seamless family bonding experience.

Defiant Children and POWER STRUGGLES!

Parents of Defiant Children often deal with Power Struggles when trying to get their child to comply. This article gives frustrated parents a straightforward strategy to identify triggers of defiant behavior and a proven approach to take charge of the chaos and start enjoying a more rewarding relati

Skylar Zayne

Thanks so much to these parents for submitting pictures of their children for the Twos and Older photo gallery.

How to Get the Pokedex Information on Rotom in "Pearl"

Rotom, Pokemon No. 479 in the National Pokedex, is an Electric-type Pokemon with a Ghost subtype. Rotom was introduced in the fourth generation of Pokemon games by Nintendo and can be found in "Pokemon Diamond" and "Pokemon Pearl." You will need to get data for Rotom, which can only be gained by cap

Choose The Best Personalized Baby Gift

What are your options when it comes to finding a personalized baby gift? Once you get the announcement that the new little one has arrived, you know you want to get your friend or relative the perfect gift to commemorate the occasion. A personalized baby gift can be a wonderful way to celebrate, but

Top Reasons Why You Must Keep Your Baby Away From Cigarette Smoke

You have to be careful in caring for your precious baby. Try to keep him away from cigarette smoke which can be very harmful on his part. Always remember that your baby's health is at stake and you must do your best to protect him from any danger that you see.

A Parent's Guide to Cyberbullying

We are all familiar with traditional bullying; it usually involves repeated acts of cruelty perpetuated by one individual or group upon another. Real-life bullying can become very serious, rising to the level of abuse and often leading to long-term mental and social effects. Suicides resulting from

Kids on Summer Vacation: A Working Parent's Dilemma

For families, June is a busy time. And right around the corner is summer vacation - lazy days for kids but often stressful for working parents. So if you haven't nailed down your plans yet, h

Pros of Gender Selection

Gender selection provides expectant parents a choice in choosing gender instead of letting it be a 50/50 chance. Through many different methods of gender selection, such as The Shettles Method and choosing the gender before doing in-vitro fertilization, couples choose the gender for a variety of rea

Appropriate Punishments for Teens

Reprimand your teenager healthfully. Employ methods that communicate your seriousness and the unconditional love you have for your child. Use appropriate punishments that have some impact on your child but are not cruel. When you use appropriate punishments to reprimand your teenager, the end goal i

What Are Tennessee's Child Custody Laws?

When deciding child custody in Tennessee, courts consider the best interests of the child. Learn what this means and anticipate how they'll interpret your case.

Is Your Child Ready For an Allowance?

Children think money grows on trees. Maybe not literally, but they sure think there is a never-ending supply of it. They see you at the grocery store pushing a cart overflowing with the week's grocer...

Disposable Diapers Linked to 'Asthma-Like' Conditions in Mice

What's in clean diapers could possibly be even worse than what's in dirty ones. A study published in the September/October issue of the journal Archives of Environmental Health indicates that the emissions given off by some disposable diapers cause 'asthma-like conditions' in ...


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