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How to Make Vegetarian Style Meatless Soup

People often ask how in the world is it possible to make good soup without bones, meat or meat broth - so familiar traditionally and culturally. Recent 35-year, landmark China Study with 8,000 people in ...

Pros and Cons of Dining Outside

There is no doubt that dining outside has a lot of benefits. However, it can also not be denied that dining outside has its side-effects too. It is important to find the right balance between the frequency with which a person dines at home and dines outside.

Can We Really Trust Leftovers?

You don't have to throw away your party's leftovers at the end of the night. With the proper preservation methods and a good refrigerator, you can enjoy tonight's party goodies tomorrow and the day after.

Herbal and Green Tea All Have Some Great Benefits

Drinking tea use to be only for the rich and royals, now everyone drinks tea. But did you know there are a number of health benefits from drinking tea? Try a great cup of tea today and make your life healthier!

How To Cook Black Pudding

As soon as you mention the phrase "black pudding" many will turn up their nose because of what it is. Usually however they are wrong about what it is and certainly they have never cooked it. If you fall into that category can I appeal to you to at least give this wonderful delicacy a try?

Decaffeinated Green Tea - A Healthy Weight Loss Option

Losing a few pounds and a few inches off your body is not always easy. In fact, many of us suffer from months of dieting only to back to base one. Others get to spend thousands of dollars just to try new dieting methods, products and programs. If you are one of those who have tried almost everything

When Are Brussels Sprouts Ready to Pick?

Brussels sprouts are members of the brassica family and are related to cabbage and broccoli. The vegetable is presumably a native of an area near the Belgium capital of Brussels, hence the name. Though the vegetable has been in culinary use since the 16th century, it gained wider popularity througho

4 Steps to Cook Perfectly in a 6 Cup Rice Cooker

Many people who own a 6 cup rice cooker don't know how to use the cooking device. Without reading a manual, it is not safe to use a cooking device because you won't know the exact features and requirements.

Tinto De Verano, The Summer Wine of Spain

Though "rain in Spain is mostly on the plain", Spanish summers are delightful. And like Nobel Laureate Earnest Hemingway, if you visit the bullfighting fiesta in Pamplona or pub crawl through Montparnasse, the hills of Spain with a bottle of Tinto de Verano, the summer wine of Spain, you m

Candy Bars To Consider For Your Holiday Festivities

For most of its history, candy has been sold by weight. Early Americans could visit their local general store and pick up a pound of peppermints or nonpareils. These sweet treats were usually unwrapped, which made them relatively cheap.

Does French Food Match French Attitude?

My French "mother-in-law" is coming to lunch tomorrow. Its not often I cook for her, and I am racking my brains and shuffling the recipes to decide what she would enjoy. A tricky one, as she is convinced that the British cannot cook.

Assembly Instructions for the Pragotrade 05-0101 Fruit Wine Press

Barefoot women stomping in a large barrel, gleefully and tiredly mashing fruit between their feet, is the general thought when thinking of a wine press. However, though this may have been one of the more traditional means of procuring the sweet nectar to ferment, modern technology now has a machine

How to Make Icebox and Garlic Pickles

Summer gardening usually means an abundance of cucumbers which suits me just fine, since I love to make homemade pickles. This article has my favorite icebox pickles recipe along with an easy garlic pickles recipe.

Video: How to Slice an Onion

Video Transcript This recipe calls for 2 large onions, so I'm going to cut mine down to the center first and cut off the blossom end. This will make the easier to peel, I leave the root end on cause that helps keep the together while I'm slicing it. And now I'm going to thinly slice...

How to Create Cooking & Baking Games

You can create your own cooking and baking games to play with children or to introduce to friends as an upcoming dinner party theme. Competitions have been created based on who can create the most exquisite and tasty dishes, so you can create your own games with the same theme. Have children take on

How To Make Drop Sugar Cookies For The Holidays With a Recipe

When it comes to making and baking cookies for my family, I love easy to prepare recipes and this one is exactly that! When you make these deliciously sweet sugar cookies, there is no need to use cookie cutters, unless you want to use them!