Stuff Still Happens!

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What, did you really believe that when you did the work and changed your thinking and became more positive that nothing "bad' ever happened to you again?The correct statement in all of that is that nothing bad does happen.
You will still have opportunities for growth.
They just will not seem bad to you any longer.
You will have shifted into a new way of experiencing life.
Let me share with you my most recent adventure.
It all began just a week ago with acute pain in my side.
I was joking with co-workers and we laughed as we "diagnosed" me with gall bladder, kidney stones and a myriad of possibilities.
It was bearable, so I let it go one more day.
By the next day I was claiming that my right ovary had "exploded".
I was quite sure.
Knowing I would need medical assistance, I went to my doctor.
I was referred to ultrasound and they found a 3 inch by 3 inch cyst or mass.
That was a little concerning.
So I was referred to a gynecologist.
I visited her and because of the level of pain, and my age, I was referred to an oncologist.
I want to stop here and tell you about my experience in all of this.
I have an HMO and I know many complain about not getting the doctor they want, etc.
Every professional I encountered was an angel, making sure I was comfortable, completely supporting me.
I felt so blessed.
I got the very best care I could ask for.
I visited the oncologist, one of the top in the field and she said she wanted to do surgery the next day.
I never had time to think about the possibilities of what that could mean.
I had medical tests to see to and arrangements to make.
The morning of the surgery came and there I was in my room where I was prepped.
I am a huge Disneyland fan and visit there often, sometimes as often as weekly.
There at the end of my bed was a huge Disneyland poster with every character on Main Street with the castle in the background.
I was supported with family there and all my favorite characters.
My doctor came in and I had to sign the forms that gave her permission to take out what seemed like everything in the case of cancer.
We had discussed the options and I was aware of the worst case scenario.
The anesthesiologist came and talked to me and cracked a few jokes and got me laughing.
So off I went into surgery, not knowing what the outcome would be.
I can honestly say that I had no fear.
I knew that no matter what happened, I was surrounded by angels that were there to help me every step of the way.
All my friends were sending me loving healing energy.
There was nothing I needed to do accept completely surrender to the experience and know that I was blessed beyond words.
My body became something that was no longer my business.
This was beyond my expertise, may as well leave it to the professionals!!! Sometime later, someone way off in the distance was calling my name.
I emerged from a very deep sleep to be told I had both my ovaries and tubes removed and was cancer free.
Then I just lay there and came slowly back to awareness.
I had nurses tending to my comfort.
There as a crowd and I was in recovery for 4 hours.
When they finally found me a room, it was one of only 2 private ones on the floor.
Seems that is the only place they could put me.
Once again, completely supported with love and the best possible outcome.
I had my moments the next morning when I felt like I had been run over by a semi and they were talking about me getting up that day.
Are you kidding???But, instead of being overwhelmed, I decided to take it one baby step at a time.
By that afternoon, they couldn't keep me down.
They were laughing about how I was going to win the marathon walking contest.
I had nurses stopping me and saying how they wished I was their patient.
Did I still have pain?Well of course, I have a huge midline incision.
But that is what God created medication for.
Isn't medical science wonderful? Now I am home and looking forward to my first shower in 4 days and washing my hair.
Life just doesn't get much better.
So, the moral of my story is, stuff still happens.
And don't let me hear you saying, "yeah, but she didn't have cancer".
I did not know the outcome going in and still felt blessed, happy and totally supported.
I know in my heart that I would have still felt that way.
Who are you showing up as? What is the story that you tell yourself?Are you a victim?I can tell you that it is not what happens "out there", it is all what happens between your ears!Start today by seeing the gifts and blessings in every event.
Notice how blessed and supported you are in the role you have chosen to play.
Tired of your role?That's the wonderful news in all this.
You CAN be a new character.
You CAN be happy.
Come on and try it for a day, what can you possibly lose? Remember, stuff happens!!!

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