What Is Your Reason?

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Was there something you always wanted to do when you were younger, but didn't? How many times did you say you were going to do something but didn't? Don't think you are the only one this has happened to.
There are many people who have experienced this.
They were disillusioned or discouraged when they were younger and now that they have the opportunity to follow their passion they are afraid or do not have the self-esteem they once had when they were younger.
Was it fear of failure? - There was a time you wanted to go ahead and experience something new, but if you failed, you were afraid you would be laughed at or ridiculed.
Were you disillusioned? - Did someone tell you not to do it because it wouldn't be right for you? Were you discouraged? - Was there someone who discouraged you to the point, where you now forgot about it? However, deep down inside you regret listening to that one person or persons and feel like kicking yourself.
Could it be because now that you are older, you feel you can't follow that dream? I say take all of those reasons above and throw them in the trash.
Pick yourself up and go and follow your hearts.
Never let anyone change your mind.
It doesn't matter how old you are.
You have experience behind you.
You can look at yourself in a different light now that you have the opportunity.
When I think back about the things I wanted to do when I was younger, I laugh to myself, because not only did I achieve being an artist and writer, I achieved my self-respect and built up my self-esteem.
You can also.
Just because you are older, doesn't mean you can't fill that gap that has been there for so many years.
Take a look at yourself in the mirror.
What you will see is a beautiful person, that can take control and follow their heart.
If I can, you can.
The years have gone by quickly and as we get older they seem to be going faster.
You only have one life to live.
Live it.
Enjoy life and what life has to offer you.
Start by making a list of things you wanted to do when you were younger.
Now delete the ones that you think are now ridiculous and circle the ones that seem a possibility.
From that list cross out the ones you really aren't interested in any longer and highlight the ones that have been crossing your mind from time to time.
Now work on that list and see what fits your needs and fulfill your dream.
Good luck my friends.
Keep saying to yourself, I can, I can and you will.

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