Learn the Stories of Successful People and How You Can Benefit From Their Knowledge

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If you are serious about achieving anything in life, you generally have to commit to it for a period of time.
Successful Internet Marketers are not born that way, nor is luck the main reason for their success.
Rather it's a firm belief in their ability to succeed, a willingness to do "whatever is necessary" to learn the ropes, a "never give up" mentality and of course taking HUGE action to apply what they have learned.
The only way you can fail in this business is if you give up.
You have to believe you can succeed, and persistence is a huge part of that.
You only have to read stories of successful people to see some of the most successful people in the world often had only one main difference compared to "average" people.
They persisted and refused to "give up" when the going got tough and kept they eye on what they want to achieve at all times.
It's normal and in fact human nature to get discouraged when you don't see the results coming, but just because you can't see any results yet does not mean they are not coming.
Think of your "results" in the same way a plant grows.
When you plant a seed you don't immediately see a plant.
Rather it takes a certain amount of water, sun and time for it to start growing.
In fact a lot is happening "behind the scenes" isn't it? Under the ground in this case the seed is changing and growing but of course you see none of that.
You just see the ground with nothing sprouting.
In a relatively short period of time, you see the plant starting to sprout out of the ground and blam before you know it you have a plant in bloom! Imagine if you planted a seed and then 20 minutes later came back and saw no progress and then said "this is not going to work" and gave up and dug up the seed and threw it away.
If you had only persisted and kept watering the seed, etc you would have seen the results! You really need to treat your Internet Marketing experience the same way.
There is a certain amount of "growing" required before you will see results.
The "water and sun" for your "growing" is the time you spend learning how to do this and the money you invest in products/services to help you to achieve this.
It sounds crazy right, no one in their right mind would expect a seed to grow in 20 minutes.
would they? Perhaps not, but we do see people continually "giving up" on Internet Marketing, or worse moving onto the next "big thing" without investing the necessary amount of time for the process they were working on, to work.
And of course it's not just learning, but it's applying what you learn that is the key.
So make sure you actually take action with the things you are learning.
Until you start applying this stuff and taking action you will not enjoy the "fruits of your labor".
And yes, you may well have to invest in yourself with money sometimes.
One thing we hear people say sometimes is words to the effect "Once I start making money online, I will then start buying the products I need to succeed".
This is incorrect thinking in our opinion.
You need to invest upfront in order to get the information you need to succeed.
We don't say once the plant grows we will buy the seed:) We have to buy the seed and help it to grow.
We do the "work" up front in order to get the reward down the track.
It's the same with Internet marketing.
The sad fact is many people do not succeed in this business because they have not really committed to succeeding.
They have not invested the necessary time and money needed to take themselves to the next level, nor have they taken the action necessary.
The more you invest in yourself, the more committed and focused you are, the more things will start to make sense and then things really start happening.
Make a promise to yourself right now.
That you are going to stick to this and no matter what happens you will persist and keep at it until you succeed.
This is virtually a fool proof way to guarantee success! Go on, we dare you!

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