The Simple Process to Asking Empowering, Happy Questions

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If you're in a quandary about anything; how to get to the next step, where to find money for a project, who can help you get what you need, how to turn around a difficult situation, all that is needed is to ask the right question.
If you are just spinning your wheels, it could simply be that you're not asking the right questions.
The brain is very clever and works very hard for us.
If we ask a question, it begins immediately to look for answers.
And, often the answer appears immediately.
If we know that the brain begins immediately to hunt for the answers to our questions, then the process is simple:Ask the right thing.
Many of us, when faced with a challenge, will ask, for example, "Where did I go wrong?" or "Why can't I figure out how to ...
?"Right away, the brain begins to look for all the things you did wrong, or all the reasons that you can't figure out.
The simple process is:Ask positive, empowering questions such as,"How can I..
, How could I...
, Who could help me...
,What if...
, What must I do to...
for example, turn this situation around, to make the kind of salary I want, to find the right woman/man?"These questions always return answers in surprising ways.
Usually an idea comes to you.
But, sometimes you receive a phone call or invitation, or some other "surprising" outside thing occurs, as if you've magnetized it.
The best time to ask the question often before bed or just immediately upon arising.
The brain is quiet then, and can hear the question.
Sometimes before bed, you might have a meaningful dream.
Or, more often, the next morning, an idea just pops into your head.
It is your "still, small voice," and if you follow it, you will encourage that voice to grow louder.
If you have a morning meditation time, you might try asking just before sitting quietly or journaling.
Some answer may or may not come during the meditation time, but will often arrive sometime during your day, when you least expect it.
Beyond the asking, you must be willing to act on the voice.
It will usually be something a bit unexpected, but never too difficult.
The more you take action on the answers you receive from asking powerful, happy questions, the sooner you will feel empowered.
The more empowered you feel, the more empowered you will become, and so on.
With each question asked in this manner, another question arises.
Like a treasure map, if you go step by step, you will find your life changing.
The results will amaze and bedazzle you!

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