How to Make Your Own Luck

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It's March, and considering that I'm part Irish, the topic I've chosen to explore is LUCK.
But really it's about making your own luck.
It's also about believing you have good luck, as what you believe and expect is what you will get.
A lot of people swear that they have bad luck, and can prove it.
They will regale me with stories of misfortune and pain ad infinitum.
There are also those who don't believe in luck of any kind.
And there are those who believe they are "lucky", most likely in the good luck category.
Let's start with a definition of Luck from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary: a: a force that brings good fortune or adversity b: the events or circumstances that operate for or against an individual c: favoring chance; also: success <had great luck growing orchids> Let's look at definition A.
a (unnamed) force that brings good fortune or adversity.
There are so many ways to interpret this.
Is this force a benevolent one which brings us what we need at any given time? Is it akin to Fate in that it's what is written for our lives, but seems not to have logical circumstances? Or, could it be the result of our plans and dreams and actions that spur the behind the scenes activity which appear to bring us good fortune or adversity? I used to spend quite a bit of time with my grandmother.
She considered herself very lucky.
I would go with her to play Bingo and she would win at least once.
Me, not so much.
She had a weekly date with lottery scratch-off tickets.
It was exciting to watch her scratch and reveal her winnings.
She seemed to break even or better most of the time.
As I grew older I noticed that she referred to herself as lucky, a winner.
And it was true- especially in relation to others (myself included) who considered themselves unlucky.
Definition B: the events or circumstances that operate for or against an individual.
Similar to the first definition in that the operation of these circumstances and events is by some unknown force.
Could we turn this around and say, An individual in the midst of events which operate for (good luck) or against (bad luck) them.
And this can and does change constantly- from circumstance to circumstance.
Now, we can see how we have some control over our luck.
We can do things which help to bring about events that work for us- like introducing ourselves to someone in the field we would love to work, which leads to an interview for an opening that would be a perfect fit.
Or, by not having our vehicle serviced regularly and having a breakdown on the way to an important meeting.
We call it luck, but is it really so out of our control? Definition C: : favoring chance; also :success.
Ah, here's a new wrinkle, success.
Defined as: A: degree or measure of succeeding B: favorable or desired outcome; also: the attainment of wealth, favor, or eminence The example in this definition uses luck and success interchangeably as related to growing orchids.
I suggest it can be used in relation to anything we want to have, be or do.
We still have to take care of the orchids, to do those things that will ensure their growth: water, appropriate light, drainage, etc.
But when we do we find success, or have good luck.
I used to consider myself unlucky, as if the universe didn't like me enough to share its abundance with me.
Over the years I have changed my paradigm on this issue.
I know more about what I want and will follow my instincts to move in that direction.
My kids will tell you that I am lucky; I win things all the time.
And it's true, over the past year or so I have won concert tickets, ballet tickets, gift cards, a beautiful hand-carved bench, and more because I believe that I can and will win.
These are things I love and enjoy experiencing.
This version is also tossed around when people describe others who become very successful, sometimes 'overnight'.
You may hear their success described as being 'lucky" or 'being in the right place at the right time".
The idea being that this success was somehow beyond their reach without the luck factor.
I sometimes wonder if we use the term luck to take the responsibility of success off ourselves and onto fate, or some other unnamed source.
I prefer to think of this luck as something I create for myself, whether good or bad.
Either way, my successes or failures are mine, duly earned by my thoughts and actions regarding the situation.
So, I ask you now.
What type of luck are you making for yourself? How do you see yourself, lucky or unlucky? How can you get to a place of good luck-success in your life? Think about it.
Now is not too late to have the success you've always wanted.
In fact, you can make it happen, just believe it can, and take a step in that direction.
Before you know it, you may hear others referring to you as 'lucky'.
But you'll know better.

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