Something Good Is Going To Happen To You Today

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God wants good things to happen to us so He daily loads us with His benefits.
His mercy is new every morning; we can say that His grace towards us is new every morning because He is a good God and He loves us with His unconditional love but we have to set the stage for it to happen to us and we do that by expecting good things to happen to us.
We must expect good things because the day is full of evil and if we are focused on the bad things then we will miss the good things.
When we say that something good is going to happen to us today; we are setting ourselves up to be blessed because Jesus said, according to your faith be it unto you which means that if we are expecting to be blessed then we will be blessed.
It is always a good idea to wake up in the morning and expect something good to come our way that day; we might be facing a great problem but that problem does not stop God's goodness towards us.
He is able to bring good out of every negative thing that happens to us so we should expect the good and not focus on the negative.
What we believe will determine the direction of our life.
If we are always believing and saying that something good is going to happen to us then before we know it, we would be living a rich and full life because there is power in the words that comes out of our mouth and that power will produce what we say.
We fulfills the promises of God by speaking what He said.
It is one thing to believe what He has said but it is another thing to speak it.
Jesus did not hold the word of God inside of Himself; He spoke it out and it produced what He said, that is the way that it should be with us; we need to speak the word of God.
The more we say something good is going to happen to us the closer good things will be drawn to us.
Our words are like a magnet, it will draw things to us therefore, we must be careful concerning what we say because words can also draw negative things and we do not want that.
God said in Psalm 81:10 open your mouth wide and I will fill it with good things (English standard version) God will fill our mouth according to what has come out of it likewise if what has come out of our mouth is negative words then the devil will fill it so we need to be careful about what we allow to come out of our mouth.
When we say that something good is going to happen to us today; we are actually giving God permission to perform what Jesus said in Luke 12:32 it read do not fear little flock for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom.
So God wants to do good things for us and that is exactly what we should expect to happen to us.
Most of the time when bad things happen to us it is because of what we have said out of mouth and believed in our heart.
If we say that we are going to catch a cold because it is winter and it is cold season then most likely we will catch a cold but we need to remember that sickness is under the curse which Jesus has redeemed us from therefore, we should not expect to catch a cold or anything else that is under the curse.
So what is left; only good things for us and that is what we should be expecting to happen to us daily and throughout the day.
if we would believe and say that something good is going to happen to us today; something good will happen to us because it will be drawn to us by the very words that we have spoken.

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