Increase Your Speed Reading and Comprehension - 3 Great Tips

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Did you know that when you are learning speed reading you are not just learning how to read better but also how to increase speed reading comprehension? I started using some speed reading techniques to try to increase my speed of reading only.
I was very unaware of the large improvement that I would have with my comprehension skills.
I will let you know the techniques I used to get such great results.
1) Know Your Purpose Of Reading One of the things that I needed to do was to know what my purpose of reading was.
To you this might sound a bit on the obvious side.
It is however really important that you have a purpose behind reading a certain material.
I also had to figure out what I was going to do with this material.
I needed to know if I would be writing an essay about it or what.
Once I knew what I was reading for the keywords in the material just seemed like they were jumping out at me.
2 Read The Cover The next thing that I learned to do was read the cover of the book before opening it.
This helped me in understanding exactly what the book was going to be about.
This made the reading of the book that much easier as well as the fact that I had a better understanding of what I was reading.
Also I started to actually read the books table of contents.
This will also be able to give great insight as to what the book is actually about.
For me it also made the flow of the book go a little better because I knew what each chapter was going to be about in advance.
3) Take Notes Another thing that I found helpful for increasing my speed reading comprehension was making notes.
As I went along in the book I would write down facts that were important.
I also write down references and quotations that I would need to look back on later.
It is not often that when finishing a book you are able to remember quotations so making a note of them helps tremendously.

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