Leadership Goals For The Self

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You have never really reflected on the different areas of your life.
Have you taken the time to reflect on your life and find out what your desires are? Your life is divided into different segments, which are all closely interrelated.
This means that your health will affect your family, career and much, much more.
Living a satisfying and balanced life isn't about a goal of a million dollars, it's about taking the time to reflect on all the major segments of your life.
This includes your physical health, mental heath, family, finances, career and family.
You are not living accordingly to your core values.
Your core values define what you stand for, admire and desire.
They are your moral compass and a huge part of your personal power.
Whether it is health, beauty, control, appreciation, love or wealth, believing and living true to your core values is fundamental to living a life of purpose and meaning.
Find out what your core values are and start living according to them.
Without them you are lost.
What do you want? Freedom? Health? Beauty? Control? Love? You are not holding yourself accountable to your goals.
Not holding yourself accountable is the single greatest reason why people don't reach their goals.
Do you know why high power executives hire life coaches? Life coaches make sure their clients follow through on their commitments.
Most people have a general idea what is lacking in their lives.
And they might even write down a few goals.
But more often then not, life gets in the way and their goals are never realized.
By not being accountable to yourself you are basically cheating and lying to yourself.
Once you know your goals commit to them.
Or get a life coach, friend or parent to hold you to your commitments.
Whether it is stopping smoking, painting the spare room, spending more time with family, or cleaning the garage, stop cheating yourself.
Take yourself seriously.
In summary Take a bit of time to reflect on your life and decide which sections of your life need goals.
With our fast paced, information overloaded society we definitely don't spend enough time reflecting on our life.
Discovering and living by your core values brings us true meaning and purpose.
By not holding yourself accountable to your own goals, you are not taking yourself seriously.
Take pride in your future.
Commit and follow through.
It's really not that hard.
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