Immanuel Amadasun Donates $20,000 To Feed Atlanta"s Homeless

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In 2009, Nelson Immanuel Amadasun takes in homeless aspiring models, aspiring young businessmen, and struggling peers into his home! Not to mention, the free Caribbean vacations he gave away! Despite receiving no appreciation or a simple 'thank you' Nelson Immanuel Amadasun points out "It doesn't matter if they didn't appreciate what I did for them. My main focus is on keeping my karma positive." Strong words from a strong young man inspired neighbors to donate money to selected charities! Nelson's mother, also a charitable person, passed away the same year, and now has a music scholarship named after her (Ms. Patricia Belcher) in the Greater Cleveland Area! A remarkable young man I must say! To give a fraction of all his savings to helping peers, homeless students, and others is a life's accomplishment worth sharing!
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As an amazing asset to his community, Nelson Immanuel Amadasun, gladly shares his story with me (Jennifer Dawson, Journalist). This is a young African American man that has dedicated time to helping many of the people around him as well as just random strangers to start small businesses and feed the homeless. He has donated over $20,000 to non profit organizations and to people personally who've lived on the streets of Atlanta homeless and hungry! Nelson Immanuel Amadasun, a straight 'A' student who attended Georgia Southern University has went through many ups and downs throughout his life he points out, but it never prevented him from helping others. Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Nelson has moved forward with his career as the head of marketing at major domestic and international corporations and as an IT director for numerous small businesses within the USA and UK. Despite the trials and tribulations outsiders and even family members have brought to Nelson, he still finds ways to stay motivated and accomplish all of his goals. As I sat with him to discuss more of the plans he had for his job career, he tended to speak more on funding non-profits that feed homeless families, foster children, and his own peers who struggle effortlessly. To read more on this article subscribe to my mailing list!
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"A closer look and understanding of Homelessness in Atlanta"
"Friends" is possibly a better word to use when speaking of the homeless in Atlanta. The homeless men and women of our city have captured my heart. I want to do everything I can to draw attention to their world and the decisions being made that affect them.
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Homelessness in Atlanta

Atlanta Outreach Food Drive At Graveyard Tavern- Graveyard Tavern in East Atlanta is having a food drive for Atlanta Outreach throughout the entire month of November! People can bring any nonperishable food item or any other item they would like to donate to Graveyard and leave it in the green shopping cart near the front door.

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