We Are Not Our Names, Our Titles, Roles, Religions, Bodies or Colors - We Are Spiritual Beings

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We are not our names, our titles, roles, religions, bodies or colors.
We are nothing of a physical nature.
We are spiritual beings having a physical experience, and we are whole and perfect just as we are.
We don't need anything to be worthy of the best life possible, because we already are it.
When we get in touch with the essence of who we really are, life makes sense in a totally new way and in a totally new light.
To be enlightened is not reserved for only a few, it's for all of us; to connect with the light within and let it shine to the world.
We are definitely not our past which many people still believe.
Just because you were an addict ten years ago doesn't mean you have to drag that label with you for the rest of your life.
Just because you were abused as a child doesn't mean that you are not worthy of being loved in the now.
We are not our past.
We are not what we do.
We do what we do.
That is not who we are.
We are not our names or bodies, we have names and live in our bodies.
We live in it, and in the next life we will have another body.
There has to be a sense of something beyond all that in the individual for something bigger to take place in ones life, although sometimes the mere desire to experience something better overrides the actual knowing of what exactly that might be.
When the desire for something better is strong, the beliefs you hold will drown in the power of it.
-But we gotta want to! We have to take time to look beyond appearances, titles, and roles etc.
There is a person behind that waitress that is serving you food, there is a person behind the sales person who calls you in an inappropriate time, a person behind the president or queen of your country, a person behind that CV you are looking at before you hire someone.
That means that before judging someone because they have a criminal record, why not chose to meet that person and see the real person behind the papers.
That person could be the most resourceful and passionate person you have ever met in your life, because of their hardship in the past.
A CV is very static, and it never represents a true picture of a person.
Instead of trusting some papers, meet the person and trust your gut about them.
We are not our egos; we are not our thoughts and feelings, we are the ones who observes them, we are the awareness behind them.
We are the consciousness that chooses the thoughts and feelings.
If you close your eyes and just observe your own thoughts come and go, you sense an awareness that does the observing and that is who you are.
You are consciousness, energy, a powerful creator.
We lack nothing and have the same power within that created, and still creates, the universe.
It's only a matter of choosing to connect with the true essence or not for us to experience the truth of it.
A name is something we were given by our parents or other grown ups in our life, and although I think our names was decided (by ourselves) long before we entered this particular life experience, we can easily change it without losing ourselves.
We are still we, but have a different name.
Whatever new name you would decide to chose for yourself, you will still be you.
We are not our titles or occupations, like a doctor, car dealer, teacher, waitress or therapist.
I know people who has a long list of all the titles that they think they are.
They are this and that and feel very proud of the list that they are showing to everybody.
Some people that are very attached to their work or title chooses to kill themselves when they become unemployed.
(this is very common in some Asian countries) They no longer know who they are and when their title no longer is valid in the eyes of the world as they perceive it, they completely loose themselves.
We are not our religion, nor our color.
We are not only someones mom or dad, and we are more than someones daughter, son, husband or wife.
Someone who is very attached to the role they are playing in someones else's life, can become very depressed when that role is not needed as before like for example being someones mother.
The day will come when your child is leaving you to live their own life, and there you are, not needed as before.
Or if you are someones wife or husband and divorce your spouse.
You better not have lost yourself in those roles, because what often happens is that those who did, become depressed and feel meaninglessness, because their whole life was surrounded by and built on that role they previously had.
You are God expressed to this world! God intended you.
Now, what are you going to do with that; what is your intention with the life that has been given, and chosen, by you? Who would you be without the labels you put on yourself and how would you look at others if you removed the labels you have put upon them? Just think about it.
Makes you think, huh? Honestly; think about it right now; who do you really think you are...
? How do you see yourself? Behind everything, who is it that observes it all..

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