Self Improvement - Your Value System and Its Importance

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Your value system defines you.
It is your ideas and virtues that guide your actions.
This value system influences your decisions.
When you follow your value system, make judgments and take action based on your virtues, you represent to all what you stand for.
It is by value guided judgments and actions that people will form their opinions of you.
Your values determine what others think about you.
Your values impact every aspect of your life.
This includes all decisions and interactions at work and with family and friends.
Since your values effect all your decisions and interactions it is important to understand what you value.
Values are placed into the categorizes of personal, religious and paternal: * Personal values, these are the virtues which we feel are important to obtain and uphold.
* Religious values, these are the virtues which we feel connect us to a higher power, something more powerful than ourselves a higher being.
* Paternal values, these are the virtues which we are taught by our parents and we pass on to our children.
As we follow our value system and interact with others, we see in them, their virtues that we desire for ourselves.
It is these admired virtues that we should strive to add to our personal values.
The incorporation of different values allows us to grow.
There are certain virtues which are universally considered as standard for a person of quality character.
These virtues are accountability, faithfulness, trustworthiness and respect.
* Accountability, a person must be willing to take responsibility for their decisions and the consequences of those decisions upon themselves and others.
* Faithfulness, is commitment.
You must be willing to stand behind what you believe.
Including times when the going is easy and especially when the going is rough.
* Trustworthiness, a person must be honest and process the virtue of integrity.
Society must be able to trust what you say.
As the old saying goes, "you are only as good as your word.
* Respect, a person must acknowledge the value of others.
It is through respect that the understanding of one another is achieved.
It is important for you to understand what your goals are and how you should go about achieving them.
Your value system, or better stated your moral compass, directs and influences your decisions.
Following your moral compass guides you onto the path of achieving goals, aspirations and happiness.
Making decisions based upon high expectations of yourself creates self-confidence.
With a core value system based upon strong virtues and beliefs, your road to success will be more direct and easier to obtain.

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