A Bank Of Knowledge!

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"There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.
" William Shakespeare born in 1564 is known as the greatest writer in the English language.
His works consist of 38 plays, 154 sonnets, two long narrative poems, and several other poems.
His plays have been translated in every major living language and are performed more often than those of any other playwright.
His thoughts made all that so.
How interesting it is to see that in 17th century England there was awareness that thoughts alone determined the difference in attitudes and relationships in daily living.
If Shakespeare wrote about the concept that my thoughts create the world I live in, then that message had been established long before his lifetime.
A new thought comes from consciousness that has already thought it, and then is ready to express it, at a point in linear time.
It seems I have a bank of knowledge to draw from and to use on my journey through time.
This bank is a universal consciousness that holds every thought that has ever beenexpressed.
I can use this bank whenever I want by reconnecting to it through my thoughts.
I need nothing other than the belief that I am more than a human form to re-establish aworld that I have forgotten.
In this world there is no good or bad, no judge or jury, no right or wrong, there is only love.
Some say that is not reality; it is an illusion, an escape from the real world of drama,stress and war.
Some say I would be considered sick, delusional, and confused if I thought I could live in such a world simultaneously with the physical world of contrast I experience in human form.
Some say I need drugs and therapy to bring me back into the conformity of living separately from the other consciousness that function within me.
Some said the world was flat and that humans are the only intelligent beings on earth, but I know now that is an illusion.
There are so many things that I am remembering about who I am; life is now feeling comfortable and safe.
There are no bogeymen or deadly deeds, unless I think there are.
I know the physical world is filled with bogeymen and deadly deeds; the collective consciousness has created them in order for me to remember what life isreally about.
Without the contrast and dis-ease I experience in this physical world, I would not continue to grow and change into a grander version of myself in the real world of love.
In order to live in two worlds, I need to blend them into one.
Instead of living in fear and anger, I can live following my inner truth and accept the outer world as a school of learning; a college of good and bad where I test myself with many thoughts that manifest intothings.
This university is there to help me become one again in body, mind and spirit.
There is no passing or failing grade, I can stay as long as I want in order to learn what I need to remember; after all I do it connected to the universal consciousness of All There Is.
Shakespeare knew all about the two worlds and how they are connected; he knew what his thoughts could create, and he lived them.
He is still living them and I am able to share his thoughts and grow from them.
What an amazing thought it is to know that life continues to change and expand into agrander version of itself.
Connected in a web of energy I am able to think and things become real to me.
These things are not good or bad, they are what I am and come from the source of all thought that continues to expand infinitely in love.

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