Can There Be Peace Without Faith?

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A peaceful existence is what most of us desire yet can this come without faith? To understand this statement in more detail we must revisit those elements that remove peace from our society.
The list is endless but stems from disagreements, injustice, greed, ignorance, discrimination and many more.
When tabled this way it is easy to see why our laws fall short of giving us the peace that we seek.
In order to answer this question in its entirety we must discuss the key factors listed below.
Do we share the same principles? The short and simple answer to this question is no we don't.
If we did then we would all be one person.
However a bit of education allows some of us to accept that we can agree to disagree.
On the other hand when this becomes almost impossible to bear it is only a greater good that can come to reason for our benefit.
Perhaps the spirit of man may turn to good for many reasons but if it does then there must be one good that conquers evil.
For those of faith this good is God and through him we forgo revenge, accept injustice and coexist in a law that isn't perfect.
Peace prevails under these circumstances because good surpasses evil.
If all men are equal who is the high judge? A simple law and court of justice cannot put all of us in order.
The law crafted by man is mere paper and its value serves a purpose only by implementation.
If we do not look within us to seek a greater good this law serves no purpose.
The desire to seek this greater good comes from the spirit within us.
This is provided by God and the faith we have in him.
It is his good that makes us obey our laws and see their relevance.
Since no one is better than another then why should we desire to follow another? We do this because of the spirit of good within us.
This makes our laws serve a purpose and keep us believing that there is hope for change to a better life.
Once more on this occasion it would seem faith comes to our rescue.
What does our definition of peace seek? Our type of peace seeks physical prosperity, an existence in a state of harmony with our fellow man.
How can this be possible when there is injustice, greed and all the factors that fuel hatred? We can only succumb to accepting less when we have hope that we shall get better.
This knowledge is bred from one source alone and that is having faith.
However for faith to be real there must be an overseer that makes all things possible in spite of the odds and difficulties.
This desire of ours can only be granted by one wiser and more knowledgeable than us.
The truth is our peace seeks God because only by him do we have faith of an existence in harmony.
If the afore mentioned is not sufficient to convince us otherwise then perhaps we could draw the conclusion that there can be peace without faith.
However the next question we should be asking ourselves is whether peace without faith is everlasting? For peace to be everlasting it must not only be external and physical it must also be internal and spiritual.
This type of peace last forever because it is forbearing towards a greater good.
This good can only be understood through the wisdom and knowledge of God.

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