Personal Development Guide Part 2 - Break Free of the Prison

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Step Two: Decide to break free of the prison.
Realise that you are in charge of your own life.
You now know that you can change your life.
Now decide to do it! By subscribing to the limited ways of thinking identified above, you have imprisoned yourself.
Many goals you want to achieve are in fact possible - much of what you want is within your reach.
Yes, I realise that most people will take objection when I say that you might not achieve all your goals, especially on a personal development site.
But realise that if you are sixty years old and have never seen the inside of a gym, it's likely impossible to become world heavyweight boxing champion.
However, if boxing is your passion, it is definitely possible to enjoy even this vigorous contact sport at sixty.
I see men twice my age in the gym that can kick the ass of many twenty-year olds.
If that is possible, what about the other goals that people have? Learning to laugh? Learning to play the guitar? Start a new business? Learn a new trade? Seems easy compared to stepping into a ring and having someone try to take your head off, isn't it? It is only your core beliefs that stop you from achieving most of your goals - that little voice in your head that tells you, you're too old, or too stupid, or too fat.
I have to repeat myself, as this is a deeply ingrained habit.
Take responsibility for your life.
Stop blaming others for what you do (note that is different from what has happened to you, read the step three below, for more on this).
You have imprisoned yourself in any area of your life in which you are unsatisfied.
You have allowed external circumstances, and your own fear, to make you unhappy.
This hurts to hear, but you have to! Also realise that no matter what your circumstances are, you can be happy and peaceful right now.
Sick? Broke? In an unhappy relationship? You can bring an element of peace into everything.
This brings us into step three.
The remainder of the series can be found at the Urban Monk website.

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