How to Win

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Everyone wants to be a winner that is the American dream.
Who doesn't love a winner? The most recognized people in the world are people that have made major impacts within their fields of endeavor or have attained major wealth.
They are perceived as winners.
We view these people as examples of how to do, what to do and what not to do.
They can be the shining light we all have been searching for.
That light at the end of the tunnel.
Point is it's the accomplishments of these individuals, teams and groups that make them stand out, and helps us to see them as winners.
Those of us who do and become, are the ones we view as winners.
It is doing, a key ingredient in the formula for winning, that starts the momentum.
In doing, you start the process of winning.
I hope this doesn't sound redundant, but doing is a vital key.
Nothing is accomplished without doing something to accomplish it.
Now an ingredient of doing is the knowing of what to do.
Nothing is accomplished by not realizing what it going to take to get it done.
Winners once armed with that knowledge, develop a game plan, implement it and see it through.
There is nothing more crucial to winning than knowing what to do and doing it.
Too many times, we have witnessed great talent going to waste.
By not doing what needs to be done we open the door to stagnation and failure.
Winners stay focused on their goal.
They implement it, stick through it and hurdle any obstacle, regardless of what it is.
Once we realize that winning involves more than just being in the spotlight, it involves hard work, a game plan and a focus to get there and only then, are we truly on our way.
Take the time to view where you are, it helps you to realize just what you need and what it's going to take to become a winner.
Another key ingredient is the willingness to work hard.
Knowing what to do and having a willingness to do it, is one of many secret ingredients to success.
Your percentage for success will be minimal if your plan is based on good fortune falling into your lap.
There are only a few lottery winners.
The effort, work, planning, and perseverance will get you where you want to be.
Don't be concerned about skeptics.
An excellent measurement used to measure achievement or success is the amount of people that now have realized you've changed.
You will accumulate doubters and haters along the way.
There will always be someone that feels that you are changing and they don't like it.
Just keep on pushing.
The harder and more you push, the closer you to get to winning.
By Articles Author LaMont Campbell

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