Just How Much is a Dream Worth?

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When I say dream I am talking about your aspirations.
Like those thoughts that put a smile on your face when you think of them.
That new home with the beautiful landscaped yard.
Or that car that is not just a car to go to work in but that fancy Vet or older sports car.
What about those special get-a-away trips nay economy class either! Those dreams so often are just pushed aside because 'the' reality around us dictates it is not for us to have.
But who says! Thoughts are things! Nothing happens until someone thought about it and then didn't forget about it.
They dared to pursue what they knew was just a thought then but with more thought and action became a service or an invention.
To Thomas Edison his dream to see a light shine lit up the whole world and made him a physical fortune.
But behind that light bulb was the desire to for perhaps a better lifestyle or recognition.
It is these 'dreams' that likely spurred him on to over 1000 tries before his invention was successful.
Aren't we all glad he was successful! Our dreams and aspirations are important.
Please don't relegate them to the trashcan.
If deep down you believe you have more out of life then you DO! I buried those dreams for a long time too and they kept sneaking back to the recesses of my mind because they are real and you need to at least recognize them and look at them.
They might hold a prosperous future for you.

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